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My Favourite Shots of 2014

Here we are again, it’s that time of year! The photos in this album are my favourite shots taken throughout the year.

My photography has certainly taken a different direction this year. halfway through the year I pretty much pulled out of the nightclub photography scene, not deliberately, but I I must say it’s been good to have time to focus on other areas.

Weddings has been the main theme of the year, with a bit of dance festivals and events here and there.

Thanks to everyone for their support this year, and everyone who’s liked and shared my images.

If you want the see the previous years, take a peek here:





This is a really special photo to me. This is a shot of my fiancee Louise and I. We took this shot to use on our “Save the Date” card for our wedding.

Getting the shot was technically difficult, and quite rushed as we were against a rapidly sinking sunset.

Amusingly, once we were done, and the sun had gone, we ended up getting lost for nearly an hour in the pitch darkness of Hockley Woods.





This photo of Harriet and Kevin at their wedding was actually taken in 2013, however I didn’t finish editing their photos until 2014 (therefore it missed out being in last year’s Favourite Shots).

This photo was not only technically tricky to get, but the cold and rain was also against us. Before this wedding, I’d never realised one of the perils of a winter wedding… losing the sunlight in the middle of the afternoon!

Anyway, the whole concept of a Christmas time wedding at a castle-esque venue went down very well in my book, and this was one of the many photos I absolutely loved.





Sticking with Weddings for a moment. I loved taking this shot. The idea wasn’t mine, it was Ashleigh and Andy’s.

I loved setting this one up, getting everyone working together, and keeping them all happy after asking them to do the same thing over and over until we nailed it.




I took so many great crowd shots at High Definition Festival, and it’s hard to choose the best one, but I think this is the one that stands out the most for me. I spent ages, hanging around on my own, waiting for the pyrotechnics to go off to get this one.




Back to weddings again, and this is Leanne and Amelia. This was my first Gay wedding, and my first seaside wedding.

I love this shot, I was having all sorts of equipment issues at this moment, but I still managed to nail it (with some creative photoshopping added in to make sure)





This is Stephanie, and she was a stunning bride. Photogenic is an understatement. I have so many favourite photos from Stephanie and David’s wedding, but as many people know, a “looking in the mirror” shot is always a winner for me – especially when, like this, it’s the last time a bride looks at herself before she gets married.






Back with High Definition again, and this time not at their festival, but at their Great Suffolk Street Warehouse event.

The lighting was so on point at this event that like at the festival, I managed to get an insane number of big crowd shots. This is my favourite one though… it has people, energy, CO2, flames, and strobes! What else do you need in a crowd shot?!





When I saw this shot on my camera a few seconds after I took it, I knew immediately this would be in the favourite shots of the year album.

This is Joe and Sam, good friends of mine, which makes it even more special to me. I love capturing something a bit different on the dance floor, and this ticks that box nicely




This is Pia, my wonderful little Niece.

I can’t quite remember why she was looking so bored, but I really do love this shot. It’s unintentionally quite artistic.






IMG_7369 copy

If you know me and my photography well, you’ll know I hate taking photos of flowers, I’m hopeless at it.

So, to get a shot that I like, of a flower, is a big deal for me. You may not think this photo particularly impressive, but it really is something quite rare and an achievement for me.



IMG_7411 copy

And we’re sticking with a bit of nature. This was taken at Trebah Gardens in Cornwall.

It’s just lovely and magical shot. It’s something a bit different from me. I’m hoping to get a nice big print of this one.





This shot is taken at Too Damn Glam’s birthday even at the Cliffs Pavilion. I don’t really need to say much about this shot, it’s got a girl making some crazy sparks, and some big name DJs in watching on…. job done!




This is Second City. This is not a press shot. This is not a studio shot. and I didn’t set up some clever lighting to get this.

Right time, right place, and some quick thinking on the settings, got me this shot. If only all DJ shots were this straight forward to get!