About Paul

Hi, I’m Paul. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a Photographer. I’m from the UK (Essex to be precise) but I do spend a lot of my time hopping around the northern hemisphere. I don’t have anything against the southern half of the globe, it’s just I don’t get down that far very often.

The picture to the left is the obligatory “even as a child I had a keen eye for photography” photograph. Yep, that’s me, when I was cute. I have a lot less hair and a lot less cute now.

The truth is, I didn’t really start to take a serious interest into photography until the early 2000s. Prior to that it was just a hobby. I’ve been a “professional” photographer  for 9 years now – if being a professional photographer means that you earn from your photography? If it doesn’t, then I have no idea how long I’ve been one, or whether I am one at all.

I specialise in event photography, specifically Nightlife, Festivals, and Weddings. All 3 are very different, but include 1 common thing: I’m capturing people enjoying themselves, and people entertaining others, as it happens. Freezing emotions as they spill out, that’s what I love.

I do have other strings to my photography bow, such as Studio photography. In the studio I focus on Glamour and Portraiture, with a fine-art style that focuses on the use of shadows and shapes. And when I’m not working with a camera, I like to try my hand at Street photography, often at night. I can sometimes be found standing about in London in the dark, watching, and waiting. That’s a bit weird I know, but I’m sure you get what I mean.

I’m a strong believer in community, socialising, helping each other and sharing – you’ll see that I’m very open on my blog and I love to teach, and share my experiences.

Other things I’m interested in: House Music – I’ve been known to DJ in local nightclubs from time to time, Music Production – usually something odd that would go well on a movie soundtrack, Interior Design – my home is a bit whacky but I love it, Formula One – my sport of choice.

Here’s some links that might be of interest to you:

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions by either emailing me at info@paul-gardner.com or if it’s easier, head over to my Contact Page here, and fill in the boxes… Either myself or my wonderful assistant (and fiancée) Louise will reply to you as quickly as possible.